Overcoming the Barriers of LinkedIn

Recently, I’ve been critiquing a lot of mid-level to executive resumes. While a well-written resume says a lot about the job seeker, one aspect that shouldn’t be ignored is your LinkedIn profile.

When I glance at these candidates’ LinkedIn profiles, I often find that there is not much content and value in the brief information that is listed. I often wonder why their job search has stalled and why they haven’t taken the time to update this essential online networking tool? As a career coach, it is my duty to grasp why their job search has come to a standstill.

Most professionals eagerly tell me that they are on LinkedIn, but upon further questioning, they quickly realize that their profile is less than stellar. What many people fail to realize is that an incomplete LinkedIn profile will not grab the attention of an employer or executive recruiter.

My initial advice would be to get your LinkedIn profile developed so that you can successfully begin your job search. If you’re solely relying on job boards for your next position, you’re going to lose out on receiving the next great opportunity. If you want to get noticed by a hiring manager, make sure you have the following information on your LinkedIn profile.


Hiring officials are looking for LinkedIn profiles that include:

  • What you have accomplished? Think of things that you have accomplished by being in your current leadership role – solving problems, saving money, making money, and/or adding value.
  • What you are currently doing? Showcase your talents, expertise, and successes. Provide insight into who you are and how you operate.
  • What are you interested in doing? Look towards the future and how you can solve problems and add value to a company.

In today’s competitive job market, you have to have more than one selling piece. While having a quality resume is essential, a LinkedIn profile is equally, if not more, important, especially in an online world.


Tips for Making Your LinkedIn Profile Productive and Effective

For those of you who have been absent from the job market in the last five years, the rules, career tools, and techniques have all changed significantly. Don’t go it alone; it is a jungle out there. Seek out a career professional to help you get to your next great opportunity.

This is an area that I often help leaders overcome. By removing their LinkedIn barriers, I can help launch their job search to the next level. Below you will find five of my tips for getting noticed on LinkedIn.

Looking to be Found – If you aren’t on LinkedIn, you don’t exist. If your profile is barebones with just your initial information plugged in, this will not get you found. You will be overlooked because hiring professionals will not understand your value and will move on to the next candidate.

Wanting Visibility – It’s a necessity to have a developed LinkedIn profile so that employers and executive recruiters can see what you can do and how that talent can be transferred to your new opportunity. Being able to attract the “right” audience to you will provide more opportunities/connections.

Networking/Building New Relationships – You have an online presence providing you with unlimited connections. Also, your professional colleagues can uncover leads for you in the future.

Groups/Answers – You can keep yourself in the know about what is going on in your industry. LinkedIn is a place for you to gather valuable information, trends, etc.

Get Recommended – This is your chance to “shine” and let potential employers get a glimpse of what you can do for their organization. Ask former bosses, colleagues, vendors, etc. for their endorsement of your work. It can be a one line statement or longer. Remember, you have to be willing to ask for what you need.

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